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Forum rules

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1.) Members should be aware that this forum is available to a wide audience. Posting pornographic, offensive or illegal material or links to such material is strictly prohibited. This includes custom avatars, signatures and other profile information.

2.) Members should be respectful and treat other members well. Personal attacks, flaming or abuse towards other members is strictly prohibited, we are all here for

3.) Imposters and "multiple personalities" will be warned, repeat offenders will be banned.

4.) Topics should be posted in their relevant forum. If uncertain, the member should read the description below each forum before posting.

5.) Members may not post the same topic in several forums.

6.) Members should not complain about other members in public, but instead contact the other member in private and discuss the issue. This also includes moderator actions. If the private conversation doesn't solve it, the member should report in private to a moderator or admin.

7.) Posts should not be all in CAPS, contain an overload of smiles, colors, large or bold text or embedded images. The same applies to post subjects.

8.) Spamming is forbidden. Members may not post obvious attention-seeking or nonsense posts, that includes spamming PM to a user.

9.) Religious, political and racial posts are not allowed. There are plenty of good places for them on the Internet

10.) Discrimination of any kind (racial, religious, political, sexual, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

11.) Do not post links to other websites promoting that site, in the Links section or any part of the forum.

12.) Spamming PMs is not allowed and you will be removed without notice or warning.

Posts which are against the above rules can be removed without notice or warning.

Members breaking these rules will get a warning. After several warnings the member will get banned, which may be temporary or permanent depending on the violation. In case of gross, intentional violation of rules one can get banned without any warning.
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